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A Delicious Addition to the SLO Public Market

Apr 30

Coming later this year, the SLO Public Market will feature a delicious new tenant: Stafford’s Chocolates. Stafford's has been making gourmet handcrafted chocolate, using fresh, local ingredients from the Central Valley of California for over 30 years. Mama Ganache joined the Stafford’s family in 2021, continuing their tradition of bringing the finest organic, ethically-sourced chocolates to the Central Coast. Featuring house-made bean-to-bar chocolates from around the world, vegan friendly, soy and dairy free options, Stafford’s and Mama Ganache offer something sweet for everyone!

Stafford’s will be opening a retail shop featuring handmade truffles, barks and specialty items unique to the region. The production facility will be located below the retail shop and opportunities will be available for visitors to see fresh chocolate confections being made daily. Chocolate making classes and other private events will also be offered.

The Stafford's Chocolate’s family also includes the Swedish Candy Factory in Solvang, CA. The Swedish Candy Factory is the only bakery in the United States making authentic, handmade Polkagris. This Swedish candy stick was invented in 1859 in Granna, Sweden and remains a popular candy tradition. Visitors to their Solvang location can witness the 150-year-old baking process using no artificial sweeteners, chemicals or preservatives.

Until the Market opens later this year, you can purchase Stafford’s and Mama Ganache products at their Monterey Street location or online at You can also visit the Swedish Candy Factory in Solvang, CA or online at

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