Collage of breakfast food, the Borlands, the Farm House in 1970 and the Farm house in 2021 -- Kitchen and Vine News Header

Kitchen & Vine to Take Over Historic Long-Bonetti Farm House

May 18

For years on the Long-Bonetti Ranch, the Bonetti family prioritized gathering, eating, and fellowship. Every week, the family would gather in the farmhouse and have their Sunday Dinner together. SLO locals, James & Rachel Borland, want to continue that tradition every day with their new restaurant, Kitchen & Vine. The renovated farmhouse will be home to their new restaurant set to serve classic, American-style food.

James and Rachel look forward to bringing some of the Bonetti family history and values into the restaurant as well. A place to linger or grab a quick bite, Kitchen & Vine is a place to feel known. James & Rachel are excited to welcome their community to provide wholesome, hearty, yummy food with an old-town community gathering feel.

To learn more about Kitchen & Vine, check out their Merchant Page here.

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