Torricella to Humble Oven

Same Great Taste with a New Name

Mar 23

SLO Public Market's favorite Pizzeria is changing its name from Torricella Pizzeria to Humble Oven!

Don't worry though, nothing is going to change for you! They will continue to provide the same top-of-the-line food and service you've come to expect over the last year -- brought to you by the same people, at the same location, with the same owner.

Humble Oven is an evolution of its brand — speaking more to who they are & what they do. They look forward to serving the community as the company you have helped to shape!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name change?
The new name reflects the expansion of Humble Oven's business and brand. With so many ideas for the future, Humble Oven hopes — with the help of the name change — they will be able to broaden their offerings. With that, we reserve the right to switch it up!

If I have a Gift card to Torricell Pizzeria, will it work at Humble Oven?

I have Rewards Points from Torricella Pizzeria, will they be transferred to Humble Oven?

It's safe to say that other than the name changing and some walls being painted, you can expect everything to be the same!

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