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Sun, Tues - Fri: 11a - 2:45p // 4:45p - 8p
Sat: 11a - 8p

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Thai restaurant, Baht will be opening in the San Luis Obispo Market. Baht will be in the Market Hall building and will feature street-style Thai food inspired by the market of the Bangkok district. The creators of Baht focus on keeping their exquisite tradition alive by celebrating a sense of street culture through their dishes that represent the diverse regions of the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand).

Baht features plenty of fresh vegetables and spices, flavorful proteins, different noodles, and sauces, that can all be incorporated into a customized entrée. Every guest can truly customize their meals tailored to their diet or preferences on this bespoke journey. Guests can also choose from many of the wildly delicious options Baht features from classic street-noodle dishes like Pad Thai to Curry and many more.


Location: 3845 S Higuera, Suite #105

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday - Sunday: 11:00a - 2:45p // 4:45p - 8p

Phone: 805-895-5465

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