High Street Deli is Coming

Apr 30

High Street Market and Deli, a 100-year-old corner store turned best sandwich joint in the county, is excited to expand to another historical San Luis Obispo landmark building. The original Bonetti Ranch House at the SLO Public Market will become home to High Street Deli’s second location. The new location will feature indoor seating as well as a private, outdoor patio.

"We wanted to find another location with the same vintage charm as our current location. It was really important to keep those roots. We've found the perfect spot," says Doobie who has owned High Street Market and Deli for nearly 20 years.

As for the menu, Doobie doesn't want to fix what's not broken, but is looking forward to expanding his new menu. On the forefront is creating homemade artisan breads, house roasted meats, more homemade sauces and, of course, unrivaled customer service. Doobie explains, "A handful of sandwiches will make it to the new deli from our current menu. We're also excited to start making new items like homemade organic chicken cutlets for a new take on a chicken parmesan sando, homemade cochinita pibil (Yucatán style roasted pork) for a Mexican torta, a homemade biscuit and sausage breakfast sandwich, a rustic sourdough bread for a burrata caprese sandwich, more salad options, and more beer and wine on tap. We're still recipe testing. There's a lot to test, which is the best part."

High Street Market and Deli is also diving into the catering business with a food truck. It's known as the "Munchie Mobile" and is a converted 1950's step van. "We do a lot of catering currently, but we're limited on space. We're hoping to expand the catering portion of High Street Market and Deli to keep up with the demand for larger orders. The Munchie Mobile will be a fun addition to local events and parties, not only because we'll be serving bomb food, but it also looks amazing," says Doobie.

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