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Bringing a New Standard to Bonetti Ranch

May 17

Later this year, Brittni Soo will be bringing her yoga experience to the SLO Public Market at Long Bonetti Ranch. The Yoga Standard was founded with a vision to create a studio as much about fun and inspiration as it is about yoga and fitness. Brittni Soo, owner and teacher, believes the way you sweat really matters. The Yoga Standard's classes are crafted for those who appreciate high standards, seek contemplation and who love to sweat. Their promise is to provide the most knowledgeable and inspired teachers who maintain the studio's continuing education requirements. The teachers provide a transformational experience that is felt from the moment you walk in the door and receive your affirmation card to the moment you finish your sweat sesh with a crispy cold lavender towel.

The Yoga Standard uses a state-of-the-art infrared heating and humidity system that provides a deep sweat on a cellular level, where toxins live. Infrared enhances metabolism and is scientifically proven to break down fat cells.

The Public Market studio will include a retail shop and a private outdoor patio, as well as Women's and Men's locker rooms fully equipped with showers. Among the class offerings you'll find The Burn, TYS Sculpt, The Flow and The Detox. The Standard warns potential visitors though - her classes may be highly addictive and cause life changing miracles.

Brittni is also working on a collaboration with other Public Market tenants, such as The Neighborhood Acai & Juice Bar. Visitors will be able to place orders before class and pick them up immediately after class with no extra sweat required.

Until the market opens later this year, visit The Standard's current studio located at 1340 Taft Street, Suite #124.

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