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KROBĀR Craft Distillery and Yes Cocktail Company have joined together to bring a whole new mix to the San Luis Obispo Public Market. Mixed Company is a micro-distillery restaurant combining KROBĀR's craft spirits and Yes Cocktail's all-natural cocktail mixers and syrups.

Their menu includes seasonal cocktail creations, paired food tastings and distilled spirits tastings. Sip and taste their menu inside the Market Hall or outside on Mixed Company's private patio. For those who want to stir it up at home, Mixed Company also offers KROBĀR and Yes products to go, as well as bar-ware essentials.

KROBĀR Craft Distillery was founded in Paso Robles, CA by Stephen KROener and Joe BARton. With 40 years of combined experience, they set out to create traditional and some, not-so-traditional, spirits. Stephen and Joe are purposeful in everything they do with KROBĀR, from the manufacturer of their stills to the recipes they concoct. KROBĀR's Whiskey, Gin and Vodka varieties will be available on Mixed Company's menu. To try their other varieties, visit their website or their Paso Robles location.

Yes Cocktail Company was founded by husband and wife team, Lauren Butler and Brandon Alpert, with the goal of bringing the craft cocktail experience to the home bar. Their line of mixers, syrups and bitters is truly a reflection of the Central Coast, crafted in small batches with only 100% fresh and locally sourced produce, herbs, spices and botanicals. Yes' product line is designed for home mixologists and bartenders alike, featuring bar staples such as grenadine and orgeat, as well as more unique combinations such as Cucumber Jalapeño and Hibiscus Rose. Visit their website to join their Drink at Home club or to view their home bar cocktail recipes.


Location: 3845 S Higuera, Suite #114
Hours: Coming Soon

Web: www.mixedcompanyslo.com

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